Friday, January 25, 2008

The David Crowder Band

Hey, have you seen this guys hair? Have you heard his songs?

The David Crowder Band hail from Waco Texas and produce quirky but sublime music. Crowder is the one with the hair and is possessed with the voice of an angel. The band produced "Collision" in Sept 2005 and it is a glorious mash of bluegrass, folk, alternative, electronic, ambient and worship, dusted with touches of genius.

Thanks to band member Jack Parker (how many bands of this quality do you know who reply to you in person!), here is a song from the album called Be Lifted or Hope Rising.

For more info on the band go to


Holy Famoley said...

Hi, did you have any success with the avatar without actually being logged into wordpress?

Blamm said...

Nope. Afraid not. Blogger and Wordpress dont seem to like each other. Guess I will have to go avatarless.